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    HAI LIU | partner

    Hai was a partner with GSR Ventures.

    Previously, Hai was a partner with Bopu Fund, a leading hedge fund in China.

    Hai also held key position at Samsung Telecommunication Department.

    Hai earned a MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, a M.S.E. from Seoul National University, and a B.S. from Shanghai JiaoTong University.

    DAN LAI|partner
    Executed the 1.7B USD public listing of Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank
    Executed Shanghai Automotive's acquisition of the General Motors 
    Executed Carlsberg's purchase of Chongqing Beer's equity
    Received Master Degree from University of Cambridge

    Received MRes, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Graphics and Simulation from University of London

    Received BSc Computer Science from University of Bristol