We are a family of founders investing early stage ground breaking technology-driven companies across US and China.

We believe in Blockchain.

We believe in VR & AR.

We are also excited about technology of the future, and are looking for startups in AI, Drones, Space & more.


Hai Liu

Hai Liu

Hai was a partner with GSR Ventures.

Previously, Hai was a partner with Bopu Fund, a leading hedge fund in China.

Hai also held key position at Samsung Telecommunication Department.

Hai earned a MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, a M.S.E. from Seoul National University, and a B.S. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Thomas Yao

Thomas Yao

Thomas is a partner of IMO Ventures, a.k.a. Immersion Ventures, and was a venture partner with FreeS Fund.

Previously, Thomas was one of the core members responsible for strategic partnerships, investments and technology evaluation for HTC Vive.

Thomas co-founded four tech startups, managed portfolios for a $100m early stage technology VC firm as the investment director and led innovation projects at IDEO. Thomas started his career designing one of the world’s first vision-based self- driving car systems in Metro Detroit.

Thomas earned a M.S.M. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a Sloan Fellow, a M.S.E. from the University of Michigan, and a B.S. from Fudan University.



Limebike offers a dock-less bike share system, aims to revolutionize urban mobility and solve the first and last mile transportation challenges.


TheWaveVR is a platform for people who love music, enabling them to view, host, and socialize in shows world wide, anytime, anywhere.


Thasos analyzes non-financial "big data" sources in order to measure real-time company fundamentals and macroeconomic developments.


RockVR builds tools and community for people to share their VR experiences.


A leading quant hedge fund in China.


A leading used car trading marketplace.


Silicon substrate epitaxy material for GaN based LED.


Intelligent virtual assistants that help customer service agents boost their efficiency and performance.

Stealth startup

A stealth startup building the next VR operating system.



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China: Room 701, Tower D1, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building, No. 19 Dongfangdong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing